About Me

My name is Love, but you probably know me by my online username "mars" or "martians." This is my website dedicated to all of my lucid dreaming content, both found and created.

I've been lucid dreaming for many years. I began in earnest when I was around 17 years old and super turned on to all kinds of spiritual stuff. I read Waggoner's book "Lucid Dreaming" and Carlos Castenada's book "The Art of Dreaming" which sparked my first foray into lucidity. I had awesome adventures, but then I got into weed.. and college.. and lost track of that hobby.

I quit smoking weed after 8 years of being a daily smoker sometime in 2019. I was immediatly flooded with long, thick dreams in a weeks-long REM rebound; 5, 6 dreams every night. I remembered my lucid journey and reaquainted myself with everything. I found the online community again (Discord this time, not Dreamviews) and became obsessed. Since then, I've developed my own approach and style of dreaming and continue onwards to more and more lucidity, both day and night.

When I'm not doing dreaming stuff, I also like to write speculative fiction, read anything, do mail art, collage, make books, make paper, ride my bike, take photographs, take baths, play with my typewriter, hike, wander, play devil sticks, skateboard, sketch, do magick, learn about plants, eat candy, and hang out with my friends, my wife, our cat, and our dog. I think that's everything!